Arizona Law School Preying On Low-Information Potential Law Students

When Arizona Law announced they were going to accept the GRE in lieu of the LSAT, we understood this is what would happen. Amid decreasing applications, Arizona made the choice to make it easier to use to their school.


The problem with that, naturally, is that this targets prospective students who probably sanctuary t thought much about going to law school. If you aren t major adequate about the possibility of law school to take the LSAT, you probably sanctuary t delved into the employment stats in a serious method. And that s just exactly what Arizona is expecting.

Notification that last little bullet point? 2.8% joblessness nine months post-graduation? The hell? Where d that originate from? Because, despite referencing U.S. News and World Report, that publication puts the employment rate at college graduation at 36.1%, which they specify as the percentage of all 2014 graduates who had a full-time job lasting at least a year for which bar passage was needed or a J.D. degree was an advantage. Okay, that information is a years of age, however Law School Transparency has the numbers for the Class of 2015 and they aren t anywhere near exactly what Arizona is boasting. Just 72.9% of the class remain in full-time, long-term tasks, and 9.7% are completely out of work. That is 3 times more than exactly what Arizona s advertisement says.

6If you ve investigated law school work information (and you should definitely do that before you secure any loans to attend), simply a glimpse at the number should provide you an inkling that something is awry. But by targeting students that have actually only taken the GRE, Arizona is aiming to get students who are not as skilled in law school realities. It likewise perpetuates the unrealistic expectation that going to law school is your ticket to a protected profession, which too many recent graduates know is a lie.

A word of caution prior to you go to Arizona Law, or any other law school: Make sure it is really what you want to do, and that the school you are going to can get you the task you desire. A J.D. isn t some wonderful degree that will resolve all your career worries you might wind up with a pile loaded with financial obligation and no $180,000 task waiting for you.

Arizona Law School reached out to Above the Law regarding this short article. The 2.8% unemployment rate the advertisement references is a break down of the 9.7% joblessness rate noted in the Law School Transparency number noted above.

The school would also like it to be known that potential students must investigate job data. YES. Do that, look especially hard at the number of graduates in long-lasting, full-time jobs. Ensure the time it takes and the cash you are investing (or loaning) make a real distinction to the profession you want. And you must likewise probably take the LSAT.